We always work harder to stay fit and going, be it keeping a tab of our diet or searching new ways of getting ourselves moving. However, there are a few things that may get easily overlooked, so here are the morning habits that might be the hindrance to your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

1. Over Sleeping
Sleeping more than what your body requires can be a serious cause of that weight gain. Sleeping for the right amount of time is very crucial, as our body needs eight hours of quality sleep to work efficiently throughout the day. One should avoid napping through the day as it can disturb night’s sleep pattern.

 2. Skipping Breakfast
Skipping the first meal of the day is the worst of all mistakes one can make. It ignites the metabolism and maintains the body’s internal clock. If skipped can leave you lethargic throughout the day.

3. Lack of Meditation
Meditation helps release stress with inducing cortisol, a hormone that may disrupt appetite leading to weight gain. To stay productive and positive throughout the day helps one strive harder for fitness.

4. Absence of Stretching
Stretching is a good warm-up exercise as it helps in both warming and cooling your body. It subsides aches and injuries that can help loose those extra inches. Regular stretching is important for weight loss.

5. Low Level of Hydration
Hydrating your body the right way is important for all as it also prevents overeating. It is ideal to start your day with a glass of lukewarm water as it acts as a fuel to our body. It aids the digestion process with burning off calories while removing toxins away. One should drink as they feel their body requires as it differs according to the age, activity level, humidity and overall health.

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