Running comes to us naturally and is one of the lowest maintenance forms of exercise that can be performed at any time and anywhere one wishes to. The only investment you need is a good pair of running shoes with guaranteed high returns as by running you will always maintain your fat body percentage, will keep your joints strong, its a complete cardio workout and the best part is the whole day you will feel energetic.

In today’s time, when the lifestyle is so different, and it has become the need of the hour to keep oneself healthy, it is important to invest only 30 minutes every day religiously for yourself. Running is the best form of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But to compensate for the lost nutrition which is not available in the foods, it is important to take the right supplement which fills that gap. By taking the right amount of nutrition, one can after some days feel the difference in his workout.

So keeping in mind the nutrition need of the hour Steadfast Nutrition has some of the best supplements in the country which are verified by independent labs with reports easily available on the website. One such product which is very essential for the runners is Liv Raw. It has fast release protein about 27 grams, essential amino acid, branched amino acid and has no added artificial colour, flavour, preservatives, thickeners or sweeteners. It is an unflavoured whey protein isolate with Branched Amino Acids (BCAA) for instant recovery. This product is highly recommended for those runners who want to lose fat, but at the same time maintain the right amount of body fat percentage.

Since it is whey protein isolate, which is the purest form of whey, therefore, is instantly absorbed in the body and helps in recovery. One can also take this after post work out. Since there is a lot of wear and tear in a runners body and a lot of muscle loss happens while running, a runner needs to have a speedy muscle recovery. Therefore it is important to provide the right amount of protein to them so that there is no damage and build stronger muscles. Since it has essential amino acid which stimulates muscle protein synthesis and helps in the recovery and repair of muscles.

So, the most important factor for a runner is post-recovery nutrition, and to make sure that they don't sustain any injury. In the recovery mode, they can surly consume LIV Raw because of the many benefits it provides to an athlete.


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