Since cycling is both endurance and racing sport, the requirement of these essential vitamins for an individual is very high. It is a very high-intensity sport, and one sweats a lot while cycling with a substantial amount of loss of essential nutrients. The loss of these vitamins can cause muscle cramp, weakness in body and fatigue. So it is vital to have the right nutrition, to avoid the depletion in your performance level.

Since the cycling industry has gone under a lot of transformation, nowadays one can have aerodynamics helmets, jerseys and for indoor practising, rollers have been introduced. A lot of changes have happened in the past 100 years. Professional cycle races around the world have also changed with some of the top cycle races being more than 3000 km. So, one can only imagine that to complete such a mammoth task not only a good cycle but the right amount of nutrition is also required. In such races, a cyclist may end up losing at least 7000 calories per day. So the amount of essential minerals which his body is losing every day needs to be compensated with external supplements. 

Steadfast Nutrition has come up with Power Glutamine which is a single-serve sachet of 5 grams. It has pure L-Glutamine that makes it easier for our cells to absorb. Since it is a form of amino acid that serves as a very important role in our body processes. L-Glutamine plays a major role in protein synthesis, muscle recovery and supporting gut health. Studies have also shown that it has increased muscle recovery in athletes which includes glutamine in their daily diet. It not only reduces muscle soreness but also improves muscle mass and its strength.

Endurance athletes require a lot of energy since their sport demands it. They have to perform for longer durations, therefore, they are more prone to muscle damage, and since a lot of cycling races happen in stages which may have different climatic conditions, it may affect their immunity also. So to make sure that their immunity stays strong and they perform well in these races, it is highly recommended that they should consume power glutamine. It can be consumed twice a day by mixing it in water or juice.

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