IHFF Day 3: Glory for Steadfast Nutrition at Amateur Olympia, Sheru Classic Grand Finale

IHFF Day 3: Glory for Steadfast Nutrition at Amateur Olympia, Sheru Classic Grand Finale

The excitement level on the  third and final day of the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) reached a crescendo. It was a  double bonanza for Steadfast Nutrition- its athletes won big at the country’s biggest bodybuilding championships at the festival and Steadfast supplements were big crowd pullers at Asia’s biggest health and fitness expo.  

The first event of the day was the Sheru Classic final. The competing athletes were both thrilled and nervous ahead of the championship. The competition was quite intense.  The top 10 included the champion Steadfast Athletes of NPC North India 2021. Simultaneously, the selection process for the top three in each of the eight Amateur Olympia categories had begun. The competitors were vying for the ultimate prize: an IFBB Pro Card- their ticket  to the prestigious Mr Olympia contest.

It might have been a tense day for the athletes, but for the audience, it was one big treat. One by one, international champions conducted sessions wherein they interacted with aspiring athletes and bodybuilders. First on the list was Dexter ‘The Blade’ Jackson, the 2008 Mr Olympia bodybuilding champion. His arrival on the stage brought a new wave of energy into the entire atmosphere. People were beside themselves, seeing their role model standing right before their eyes. Next on the list was Akim Williams, the man who grabbed the 15th position at the 2016 Olympia. He performed in front of the audience, showing his hard-earned muscles by flexing to music. The last guest athlete to perform was the ultimate winner, Big Ramy, a two-time Mr Olympia champion. Seeing Big Ramy on the stage was like a dream come true for the audience. The atmosphere  outside the auditorium was equally charged. The Steadfast booth saw the highest footfall in three days, with its supplements selling like hot cakes. Steadfast supplements Snergy, Active BCAA, HerbFast, and Incredible Whey (Mango and Coffee Flavour) were in big demand.

Team Steadfast also conducted a sachet challenge, where the participants were made to pick sachets through their mouth. The idea behind the activity was to promote the idea of going scoopless. The company also gifted goodies and free products to the best performers.

Back in the auditorium, as the final rounds drew to a close, the judges announced the top three performers in the Sheru Classic and Amateur Olympia. The moment everyone had been waiting for  finally arrived. The judges began announcing the results for the Sheru Classic Model Hunt. Steadfast Athletes Surbhi Jaiswar and Jyoti Gupta had won first and second place in the women's bikini category, respectively. Steadfast's dominance was also evident at the Amateur Olympia, where two of the company's bikini athletes, Dakini Sellamuthu and Jyoti Gupta were awarded the coveted International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Cards.

The event was widely covered by the press. Asked why Steadfast presented the championships, Mr Aman Puri, founder,  Steadfast Nutrition, said, "The idea behind Steadfast Nutrition presenting this mega event is to build the future of India. The company wishes to bring the enthusiasm of youth in the right direction and also to help Indian bodybuilders establish a name at the international level."

All’s well that ends well. Team Steadfast celebrated its athletes’ win at a gala dinner- the perfect end to an eventful three days.

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