Today’s game of hockey can take an incredible toll on your physical health. Athletes, in general, are being asked to give more & more game in and game out. You need to be stronger in the gym, faster on the field, and recover quickly for the next day's skate. While we wish that whole foods and healthy choices could meet these demands, the reality is that sometimes supplementation is required to keep your body in the peak physical condition.

Why can’t we just eat to replenish our bodies and keep running at 110%? Well truth be told if you had the perfect diet, you could maybe come close. The reality is that in our busy lives today, we very rarely will have the opportunity to cook the perfect balanced and healthy meal.  

We will talk about one such supplement called Glutamine. Though glutamine can be produced within our body, at times there are certain requirements when we need to supply it additionally from outside sources. L-Glutamine plays a major role in protein synthesis, muscle recovery and supporting gut health. Several studies have shown improved muscle synthesis and enhanced muscle recovery among athletes who incorporated glutamine in their daily diet. 

Steadfast Nutrition came up with a product called Power Glutamine, which is top-notch and safe to use for athletes. Power Glutamine not only helps decrease muscle soreness, but it also improves muscle mass and provides strength. L-Glutamine is used by our skeletal muscles, liver, kidney and small intestine with many more benefits to it. Power Glutamine also supports gut health and boosts immunity. It assists in the transportation and absorption of nutrients. It indicates that individuals having a sensitive (weak) gut or the ones suffering from leaky gut or IBS benefits from consuming Power Glutamine. Our immune system is dependent on certain cells and tissues like macrophages and lymphocytes, which fights against infections and speeds up wound healing. Power Glutamine provides energy to these cells, that in turn decreases our susceptibility of becoming prone to infections. Also, it reduces inflammation and fights against any foreign invasions that might attack our healthy cells.

It comes in sachet form and does not have any heavy metals or steroids and is certified by FSSAI. Also, it does not have any prohibited substance which can be detrimental for the career of an athlete.

Power Glutamine helps in rebuilding muscle tissues, reducing muscle soreness, aids in muscle growth, increases muscle recovery and growth hormone facilitation, helps in keeping the digestive system healthy, supports enhanced rehydration function, reduces oxidation of BCAA. Power Glutamine can be consumed at any time of the day, but strength and endurance athletes should preferably consume it at bedtime or between meals or post-workout. It can be taken by strength athletes, endurance athletes, people aiming for improving gut health and looking to boost immunity.

Power Glutamine can be prepared by mixing and dissolving one sachet (5 grams) in 250-300 ml of water or juice.

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