Steadfast Nutrition has time and again proven its commitment to improving healthcare in India. The brand’s very vision is to make India protein efficient by 2040. This is why every year Steadfast comes out with a variety of sports and wellness supplements to address the problem of protein deficiency, and malnourishment and to ward off diseases stemming from nutritional deficiencies and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Steadfast Nutrition espouses the cause of fitness and a healthy lifestyle as important aspects of preventive healthcare. It also takes proactive steps to ensure that its employees remain healthy. 

The company organises an extensive health check-up every year. On August 22 also, a health camp was set up within the office premises. Over 150 employees underwent a thorough health check-up that included measuring their blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), complete blood count (CBC), haemoglobin levels (HBA1C), kidney function (Serum Creatinine), cholesterol, and thyroid  function (T3, T4, TSH). 

The checkup took place under a proper set-up with professionals taking employees through each step and making them aware of the importance of each test. 

The best part is that one can get a health update without having to visit a hospital or a laboratory. One can also get to know in case there is any deficiency  in the body that needs to be addressed to ensure optimum health.

Steadfast employees were all praises for their company for taking steps for their welfare and well-being.

Steadfast firmly believes that employees are the most valuable asset of an organisation. Hence, it considers it crucial to take measures to safeguard their health.  

Safeguarding employees’ health has become even more important in the Covid era. Coronavirus has impacted physical and mental health of people. Many continue to suffer from ‘Long Covid’ months after contracting the infection; work-from-home and long working hours have contributed to a sedentary lifestyle, which puts one at a greater risk of chronic illnesses. Therefore, annual health screenings are important for timely detection and prevention.

Needless to say, good health also increases productivity at work and promotes a healthy work environment.

Last but not the least, Steadfast encourages everyone to make their health a priority since it firmly believes that fit people can build a strong nation.

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