Nowadays, an increasing number of men be it young or old, have started to experience low energy levels. When you lack energy, then it becomes difficult to carry out a workout, making one feel demotivated and even less productive.

The step towards reviving your energy levels is to eliminate the reasons behind it.

Main factors contributing to low energy levels:- 

Diet high in processed foods 

Your diet is highly responsible for providing proteins, minerals, and vitamins in the right proportion. The diet depends upon what foods you pick and portion size of your meal. 

Products like bakery items, highly processed and fatty foods should not be a part of your diet daily, as they are poor sources of nutrients.

Low Testosterone levels 

Low levels of testosterone are highly responsible for bone density, weight gain issues, self-esteem levels, and so on.

Any drop in testosterone levels can lead to various health issues like lack of sleep and low levels of energy. 

Iron Deficiency 

Anaemia is a common condition, occurring due to the deficiency of iron and other supporting nutrients. The problem may also be caused, due to ulcers and the use of NSAIDs leaving the muscles to feel tired and heavy most of the time.

Sleep Apnea 

It is a condition wherein the individual experiences small interruptions in the breathing cycle when they sleep. This condition is often characterised by snoring, and it can cause the individual to feel low on energy levels.

Revive Your energy levels with these foods:- 

1. Bananas 

They are an excellent source of energy, due to the presence of starch and tons of energy metabolising vitamins (vitamin B6) and electrolytes (potassium and more). Bananas should be part of the diet and can be consumed before going for a workout, or else as a good mid-day snack.

2. Honey

When testosterone levels are low, it becomes essential to include foods that directly improve your energy along with ingredients to help enhance your testosterone levels. It is a form of simple sugar and provides instant energy.

3. Fatty Fishes 

Fatty fishes are nutrient-dense with providing a dose of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid work together to improve the iron reserves in the body. Omega 3 fats help reduce inflammation as high inflammation leads to fatigue.

4. Oatmeal 

Oats offer fibre, protein and calcium required for boosting energy levels. They can be an excellent addition in your diet as they offer increased energy levels.

5. Garlic 

It contains allicin, known for the ability to reduce cortisol levels which can negatively impact bodily functions, including testosterone. Add garlic in your diet in raw form or dishes. 

So, it’s time to get your hand on these easy hacks to boost energy in men.

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