Steadfast Nutrition firmly believes that children are the building blocks of the future. The brand’s commitment towards ensuring ‘Uncompromised Nutrition’ and good health for all was evident at the CSR activity it conducted at Noida’s MCIR school. The exercise, which kick-started the celebrations for the National Nutrition Week a day in advance, was in collaboration with Rasta, an NGO that works with socially and economically disadvantaged children. Team Steadfast visited the NGO and distributed its premium product, Peanut Butter Honey amongst 300 children to show its support for the cause of promoting good nutrition among them.

The Steadfast team enlightened children about their nutritional needs, eating habits, the importance of maintaining good hygiene, and various health and wellness issues. The day-long exercise included five sessions in different classrooms for the sole purpose of guiding and educating children, making them aware of the increasing importance of a healthy diet. The team used creative ways to explain the need for five major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins and minerals) and guided the children about the value of the combination. A strong emphasis was made on the role of nutrition in a child's growth. The sessions, conducted with a lot of energy and enthusiasm by the team, went down well with the children, who made for very patient listeners.

At the end of each session, Team Steadfast distributed Peanut Butter Honey sachets - healthy, tasty and child-friendly supplements. Peanut Butter has numerous benefits which bring a unique balance to the diet. The team advised all the children to make it a part of their diet, given their requirement for more protein as they grow and the importance of receiving it from healthy sources like peanuts. To ensure that the kids remember the lessons, a fun game named "WHO AM I?" was played, wherein the characteristics of a certain number of nutrients were listed, and children were asked to identify the name.

Reputed media organizations like Amar Ujala, and Dainik Bhaskar covered the event. Also in attendance was Steadfast Nutrition’s digital team, which actively participated and presented the activity on social media to make more and more people aware of their nutritional requirements. The digital team, which also captured endearing pictures of the children, made it an occasion to remember. Lastly, the kids participated in funny and challenging activities like taking peanut butter sachets from the boxes with one hand. The one with the maximum number of sachets within a given time was declared the winner. The game was a huge draw with the kids, whose smiles mirrored the fun they had. 

All’s well that ends well. The children were so happy that they delighted the Steadfast team with a dance performance. A group photo-shoot was the perfect end to the day.

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