CARBORANCE for Extreme Endurance and Performance

CARBORANCE for Extreme Endurance and Performance

You must have observed how athletes or fitness enthusiasts focus on their daily protein intake and some even consume supplements in order to maintain the protein requirement of the body. But did you know along with proteins, other macronutrients like carbohydrates are also important. As it is the main source of energy and athletes primarily depend on carbohydrates to derive their energy needs. Although proteins and fats are considered as the secondary sources of energy but the main role of protein is to promote the muscle mass, repairing, growth and development. Therefore, athletes need to increase their carb intake along with protein to prevent the breakdown of protein for energy i.e. protein sparing action. A proper balance of both protein and energy should be maintained.


Carbohydrates are the core macronutrients which are needed in a bountiful amount and play a significant role in an athlete’s daily diet. They help them reach their peak performance during the workout for two reasons:

1. They are the supreme fuel for the body and brain. Dietary carbs after digestion are stored in the form of glycogen within the skeletal muscles and liver. A sportsperson uses this glycogen during their workout. Carbs play a major role by delaying the fatigue time which in turn, increases the performance and allows them to compete for a longer duration.

2. Carbs in an adequate amount help gain muscle mass indirectly by keeping other macronutrients most importantly protein from being utilised as an energy source. The fundamental function of protein is to repair and rebuild muscle tissues which leads to muscle gain.

The amount of carbs to be consumed are directly correlated to the age, gender, physical activity level, biochemical factors, environmental factors and many more.

Even carbohydrate requirement varies with the type of sport an athlete plays. For example, endurance athletes require more of carbs as compared to strength ones.

Athletes should consume a balance of both simple and complex carbs. Before 3-4 hours of competition their meals should compose more of complex carbs than simple while, 1-2 hours before the competition the meal should contain of simple, easily digestible carbs which provide instant energy.

Athletes can derive their carbohydrate requirement either through foods or by incorporating some kind of carbohydrate supplements along with their diet. So, Carborance is one such supplement which an athlete can use both before and after workout.

What is Carborance?


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Steadfast Nutrition’s Carborance is an energy supplement with a blend of both simple and complex carbs. It contains both slow and fast releasing carbohydrates, therefore, it is the best energy supplement for athletes who are involved in activities of longer duration as it provides energy for upto 2 hours.

Carborance has maltodextrin and pre-gelatinised corn starch as complex carbohydrates whereas, fructose and sucrose are simple carbs which instantly provide energy. Moreover, it also contains electrolytes such as sodium and chloride. These electrolytes help in the replenishment of the loss of electrolytes during intensive training through sweat. Ingredients present in Carborance suits well to the gut as they are easy and quick to digest without irritating the gut.

Composition and function of each ingredient used to prepare Carborance are:

  • Maltodextrin: Digestible maltodextrin is a low-sweet complex carb which consists of 6-10 D-glucose units. Because of its complex nature, it maintains the sustained release of energy for a longer duration. Maltodextrin is the most important ingredient in Carborance as it is easy to digest and absorb through the gut. It is the main source of fuel during the endurance training thus helps in reducing the chances of insulin drop.
  • Pre-gelatinised Corn Starch: It helps in maintaining the steady flow of glucose into the bloodstream for prolonged activities. Additionally, this ingredient is gluten free therefore reduces the chances of allergies.
  • Sucrose: It is a disaccharide sugar composed of two sugars i.e glucose and fructose. Sucrose, also known as table sugar or invert sugar. It is first broken down into glucose and fructose to proffer slow release of energy whereas glucose is absorbed instantly and spikes the blood glucose. Fructose has a low glycemic response due to which it maintains the moderate release of insulin into the bloodstream. Also, the direct consumption of glucose may result in stomach discomfort but it is not the case in sucrose.
  • Fructose: It is sweeter than sucrose so a small amount of it can provide you with the desired sweetness. Also, it is a natural sugar predominantly found in fruits and honey. It has a low glycemic index because it is metabolised in the liver thus, maintains the slow and steady release of glucose to the muscles.
  • Sodium Chloride: These two electrolytes play a major role in maintaining the fluid balance and avoid muscle cramps. These electrolytes help in restoring the fluid lost through sweat. The main aim of adding electrolytes in Carborance is to provide optimal rehydration. Sodium Chloride (2016) stated that the presence of sodium chloride also aids in the absorption and transportation of nutrients, promote contraction and relaxation of muscles, also helps in the transmission of nerve signals. Dehydration after competition may result in lethargy, loss of concentration, headache, nausea and many more among its side effects. So, these constituents prevent an athlete from the above-mentioned side-effects caused by dehydration.

Carborance can be taken prior, during and after the workout. It is consumed prior to workout usually to achieve optimal carb-loading. This helps provide the energy for a longer duration of activities like race or training for upto 2 hrs. During the workout Carborance helps in refuelling the body.

Recommendation of Carborance

The intake of Carborance is directly related to the sport played by an individual and intensity of training or competition. As the intensity of exercise increases, consumption of Carborance also increases. During the phase of physical exertion, 1 serving/hour is recommended. But one sachet of Carborance is highly recommended to athletes a day before match along with meals. The next sachet can be taken an hour prior to the competition and same can be taken during the workout for refuelling. Moreover, it is necessary for the athletes to balance the dosage based on their daily diet, lifestyle and training. 60-90g is suggested per 750 ml of water to maintain the optimal performance.

Carborance can be taken by anyone from athletes to office goers based on their physical activity and schedule. Endurance athletes should consume Carborance especially those who are involved in more than 2 hours of high-intensity activities. This amazing formulation helps you to reach the finish line by eliminating all the hassle that comes in your pathway. Carborance can also be taken by a road biker, mountain biker, a sprint/marathon runner or an ultra runner. It can be consumed by any sportsperson. It proves beneficial for a diabetic athlete as it reduces the sudden increase of insulin by releasing the glucose slowly and steadily, it prevents hypoglycaemia by maintaining the blood sugar level. The non-athletic population like office goers can also take Carborance depending on their schedule.

We all prefer products free of any additives. So, Carborance is apt for all as it is free from any artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.


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