Cricket matches as we all know go on for a longer period, therefore, require a lot of energy and stamina to play. Currently, cricket is played in 3 formats namely - T20, ODI and Test Format. Even in a format like T20, there are 20 overs and it goes on for approx. of 4 hours, whereas, ODI and Test are played for around 9 hours in a day. Unlike other games like football and hockey, cricket matches are played for a longer duration. It could get difficult to maintain hydration when matches are held in summers or coastal areas like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai or Kolkata.

Even the training schedule of cricketers is very long-drawn, which goes up 3-4 hours in a day. Players tend to have energy drinks to maintain their hydration and energy levels. In such cases, players need an energy drink, which has a combination of slow and fast releasing carbs along with electrolytes that get drained out through sweat. If the players opt for a premium energy drink, it becomes easier for them to get through the grind of training and matches.

By keeping in mind the needs of the cricketers, Steadfast Nutrition has introduced a premium product in the market by the name of Carborance. Which not only takes care of your organs but also gives you sustained energy during your training and match duration.

Carborance, the "Carbohydrates" for Endurance, is a long-chain complex carb, designed especially for endurance athletes who are involved in more than 2 hours of intense activities. Carborance mixed with water meets your calorie and fluid balance requirements. No matter how preeminent or lengthy your race is, each serving becomes your constant companion that assures to provide your body with gradual energy for high-intensity and prolonged activities. Additionally, it is easy to digest and one gets the necessary results after consumption.

The presence of the special compounds promises to take you miles ahead without affecting your organs, especially without distressing your stomach. The sustained composition is made to give you energy for prolonged activities as it provides a steady release of energy passing right through the stomach. Carborance matches what the gut is comfortable to absorb and so the ingredients get digested quickly and easily without taxing the digestive tract.

An athlete or fitness enthusiast should take Carborance depending upon his or her sport, training intensity and lifestyle. If you are wondering how to boost energy during a workout and intense activities, 1 serving of Carborance can also be taken per hour or as recommended by a dietician. As for the rest, it is necessary to maintain the dosage based on his daily meal intake, lifestyle and activities. Additionally, 60-90g is recommended per 750ml for optimal performance.

Steadfast Nutrition as always stands by the athletes giving them all the energy and strength to fight off any evil that surrounds them.

As always said- For Athletes, By Athletes ! 


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