Milk protein is mainly composed of two types of proteins - casein and whey protein. Casein accomplishes 80% of the total protein while remaining portion is known as whey protein. Casein is normally referred to as night protein because it releases amino acids slowly and prevents muscle breakdown during prolonged starvation. In contrast, whey is a fast release protein as it instantly refills the bloodstream with amino acids which instigates muscle synthesis after an intense workout. That’s why it is usually taken after exercise to prevent muscle breakdown and promote repairing of damaged cells.

 MiCasein i.e. Micellar Casein Protein is a slow release protein. It helps in maintaining the steady supply of amino acids into the bloodstream for muscle growth and hypertrophy. An intense workout for a longer duration may cause wear and tear of muscles that demands adequate protein for recovery purpose. Similarly, MiCasein directs the repairing of damaged tissues.

  Prolong gap in-between the meals manifests body to the starvation mode due to which body switches from anabolic phase to catabolic phase for energy production. Catabolic state is when proteins are drained out from muscle fibres in response to low glycogen store thus, making protein accessible for producing energy. Whereas in anabolic phase body promotes  the muscle protein synthesis and this happens when both glucose and amino acid stores are in positive balance. During catabolic state body’s protein degradation rapidly increases which leads to muscle loss or atrophy. The longest break between two meals is while sleeping and it is during this period that healing processes of the body takes place. During night time, an individual’s physical activity decreases and body is in a relaxing condition that’s why most of the repairing of damaged tissues occur while we sleep. Therefore, all indispensable amino acids are crucial to prevent catabolism of muscle protein and allow protein synthesis in muscles which in turn promotes muscle growth and hypertrophy. 

 MiCasein furnishes you with all mandatory amino acids necessary to prevent muscle disintegration and also helps in maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane. Therefore, MiCasein is referred as a night recovery protein.

The best time for consumption of casein protein is at night as it is a slow digesting protein. On consumption, casein forms micellar structure (a thick gel-like structure) which gets dispersed in water as an emulsion. After that, different digestive enzymes (lipase, chymotrypsin and trypsin) act on it and break down into smaller components which result in a steady supply of amino acids to prevent muscle protein breakdown. Besides this, slow release of amino acids helps in improving colon health over a certain period of time.

Improve colon health

 Casein protein also contains various types of peptides like glutamine amino acid that aids in the formation of glutathione, which is also a potent antioxidant that boosts immunity. Thus, MiCasein protein boosts the immune system by protecting cells from free-radical damage. As we all know that, the immune system fights against infections and also protects us from various diseases like viral, fever, etc. Low immunity increases the risk of getting an infection. 

MiCasein delays the gastric emptying time which in turn increases the amino acid absorption time and consequently ameliorates the muscle strength by inhibiting muscle breakdown. After ingestion of MiCasein, it forms a thick gel-like structure which gradually gets digested and absorbed in the digestive tract. This enhances the serum cholesterol level by allowing the formation of fewer chylomicrons or you can say increase chylomicron clearance. Actually, these chylomicrons are the real culprit in developing diseases as they are responsible for switching triglyceride molecules to depositing tissues and results in accumulation of cholesterol in the body. So, as a whole MiCasein improves the cholesterol profile preventing the development of non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and many more.    

An unhealthy diet means a diet high in refined carbs and low in proteins that lead to weight gain and obesity. So, MiCasein helps in managing your weight by delaying the gastric emptying time as it is a slow digesting protein. Hence, suppresses overeating and binge eating behaviour. Someone who is on a diet or desires to lose weight then, MiCasein actually helps control weight in a healthy way. Moreover, it also boosts muscle mass and reduces fat mass. Prolong gap between the meal increases the dependence of body on glycogen reserves which is the main storage house of energy. Thus, it improves metabolism which in turn helps in weight management.

Weight management

Micellar casein is usually recommended during night time before sleep because it promotes overnight recovery by availing all the essential amino acids to the body for full recovery. Therefore, improves the sleep quality. Apart from this, MiCasein protein elevates the recovery and repairing of cells by delivering all the essential amino acids.

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