Even though most of us were aware about the various kinds of diets, we didn’t realise diet is important for yoga as well. It’s simply not enough to be lifting weight without intake of protein rich food and similarly yoga and diet go hand in hand. An intake of healthy foods in the right portions will improve your yoga and give it a lot more meaning.
The great yoga teachers of ancient times have always laid importance on yogic diet. Yogic philosophy have always laid great emphasis on the consumption of food. Portion control prevents and cures diseases. It will only change a person’s thinking of life and behaviour as well.
Essence of Yoga Diet
Back in the earlier days, the yogis often feel or rather understood that the human body worked internally. They would often say that the human body had a fire that would burn off the calories and keep the body fit.
This would only happen if the food eaten was pure. In case the body consumed junk food, then the fire would have to work harder to break it. This results in portion control, needed to build a healthy and strong body.
At times, we tend to over eat when:
- unresolved emotions
- Stressed out
As we overeat, we tend to put on a lot of weight. To avoid all this, it’s best to follow a proper diet. A proper diet will keep the body healthy and fit.
Supportive: Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Tri Fibre and Multivitamin
Assists in improving the immune health, keep joints strong, improves flexibility, reduces inflammation, oxidative stress and strengthens bones, heart, brain, digestion and eyes healthy.
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Post: Incredible Whey and Wheylo are ideal proteins to prevent muscle loss, maintain muscle mass and lose bad fat from body.
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Yoga will provide you with overall body strength, but without adequate protein, your muscles will not develop and your muscles might feel weak throughout your practice.

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Helps meet your daily protein requirements along with the goodness of coconut fat.

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Pre: Power Active assists perfectly as a pre meal in keeping energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost performance.

A great pre workout snack before you start with yoga. It helps provide energy during practice and recovery as well by preventing muscle damage. Also, presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost performance.

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During: Snergy keeps energy levels high during exercise and prevent muscle cramps.

Keeps energy levels high while practising yoga and prevents muscle cramp.

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Bed Time: MiCasein provides slow digesting pure micellar casein to yoga practitioners for overnight complete muscle recovery caused due to the stress during exercise.

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