Tapasya Solanki
Tapasya Solanki

The young and energetic Steadfast Athlete Tapasya Solanki is a blazing example of dedication to how family support helps one build a strong foundation of becoming a winner. She started training under her father's guidance from a young age of 15 years and has been actively involved in the sport ever since then. Her dedication for the sport has made her the youngest Indian bikini athlete to compete at various IFBB Regional, Qualifier and Pro Qualifier Series.

Being a bodybuilder himself, her father is a source of inspiration as he motivates her to stay fit and gives her the confidence to perform like a star when on stage. She is also passionate about bikes as she loves to ride. Steadfast is proud to sponsor an athlete like Tapasya while she rides towards her accomplishments. She gathered lots of appreciation for her participation at the IHFF Mumbai, 2019.

  • Gold medal Women's Bikini, Class C. Sheru Classic IFBB Pro League Qualifiers Series 2020


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