Surbhi Jaiswar

Surbhi Jaiswar
Surbhi Jaiswar

Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar is a young and enigmatic player who enjoys her sport being her amazing self. Never has she let any of her shortcomings come in between her journey for victory. She stands tall to the aspirations that let her go Beyond Ordinary. 

The confidence she has for the products from Steadfast makes her stand out from the league as she dedicates her victory to the unbound nutrition from Steadfast. We are For Athletes, By Athletes.

Achievements :

• Bronze in Boss Classic (2019)
• Silver in Body Power National (2020)
• Sheru classic female model search - Gold (bikini category
• Amateur Olympia- Silver (Bikini category
• Gold in Bikini category at NPC North India and Mr Tricity
• Physique and Bodybuilding Championship 2022
• Gold in Bikini category at Naresh Surya Classic 2022
• Gold in Bikini category at Baba’s Arnold Classic 2022 

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