Rumana Haaris

Rumana Haaris

Steadfast Athlete Rumana Haaris has been passionate for the sport of martial art from a very young age just like her father who was a Karate player. Martial arts being a good way of protecting one from the impending dangers all around is like an added advantage to a girl.

It still feels surreal for her to walk into a Real fight club, put on my gloves, shin guard and ties her hair up to says, "this is my life.” In the initial days of training, she felt lethargic and not up to for such an energetic sport. As the training is too intense requiring one to give in their best.


1.) Won Gold Medal - Karnataka State level MMA Sports Championship in the year 2017.

2.) Won Bronze Medal - Inter club BJJ championship in Bangalore in the year 2018.

3.) Got a stripe in BJJ.


To win a black belt in BJJ and become stronger than yesterday (there's no female in India with a BJJ black belt)


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