Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka Gupta

Steadfast Athlete Priyanka Gupta is a software professional turned bikini athlete, even when she suffers from a disease like hyperthyroid. Priyanka’s journey has been full of ups and downs as her VSD condition didn’t let her attain goals easily, but she kept her faith and outperformed herself. 

Priyanka won in 5 categories at the ICN India Ms bikini, 2019. She aims to do better each time that she takes the stage. Steadfast Nutrition always keeps the health of an athlete as a primary concern while we design any of our products. We understand her nutritional requirements as we serve her the best. Cheers to the champion in making!

She says, “My favourite Steadfast product is LIV Raw - totally light on stomach and carb-free to help me stay on track during shredding.”

  • ICN India Ms Bikini 
    • Bronze in 2 categories
    • Position in the other 3 categories

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Favourite Products:    Protein Isolate