Priya Shah

Priya Shah
Priya Shah

Steadfast Athlete Priya Shah is a true achiever with being a Gold Medallist in swimming and kickboxing, currently a successful Physique Athlete. She has been a sportsperson for life with a brilliant success rate adding on to her soaring career graph Steadfast is ready to add the punch of premium nutrition to her life. She is an RCI certified Special Educator for Autism and Learning Disabilities. Her never-ending list of achievements includes ASCA certified Swimming Coach, a Martial Artist and a Bodybuilder.

She has won multiple podiums with recent one at the NBBUI National Championship (2019) and Amateur Olympia India (2019). She is all prepped for her participation in Physique Category, 2020. 

  • Gold Medallist Karnataka Women's Kickboxing Championship, 2016
  • Gold in MS. Karnataka, 2018
  • Gold in NBBUI National championship, 2019
  • 4th in Amateur Olympia India, 2019 
  • 4th Runner up
  • Amateur Olympia (Women Physique)
  • Finishes 5th at Amateur Olympia 2022

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