Navneet Kaur

Navneet Kaur
Navneet Kaur

Steadfast Athlete Navneet Kaur is a champion bodybuilder with countless accolades under her belt. She is a pro card holder and has also won the silver at India’s largest bodybuilding championship, the Amateur Olympia. Navneet was always a fit child, but her bodybuilding journey started when she first went to watch a bodybuilding competition. She was enthralled by the physiques of the female athletes present, which motivated her to to get a beach physique and compete on a professional level. Since that day, Navneet has never looked back. In no time, she got herself in perfect shape and started participating in competitions. In 2018, she won four major titles, and in 2019, she won seven. Apart from being a big name in the bodybuilding industry, Navneet is also a wonderful dancer. She has been running her own dance and fitness studio named ‘Trinity-The Multiactivity Planet’ in North Delhi for the past 12 years.  

Major Achievements

  • Gold at IBBF Delhi State Championship 2021
  • Silver at Amateur Olympia 2019
  • Gold at Fit Factor 2019
  • Pro Card Winner at Miami Pro 2019
  • Gold at Avon Cup 2019
  • Gold at Sangram Classic 2019
  • Gold at Gold Classic 2019
  • Second Runner Up at Boss Classic 2019
  • Gold Medal at Muscle Mania 2018
  • Gold Medal at National Powerlifting Championship 2018
  • Gold at Fit Factor Delhi State Championship 2018
  • Gold at Boss Classic Delhi State Championship 2018
  • IFBB Pro Card in fitness category at IHFF Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers 2022

  • Know more about her:
  • Date of Birth: December 1
  • Food Allergy: None
  • Food preferences: Non-vegetarian 
  • Morning routine: Only Gymming
  • Coach: Rajat Goel
  • Favourite Sportsperson: Whitney Jonas
  • Favourite Steadfast Product: Incredible Isolate
  • Date of Joining Steadfast Nutrition: May 5, 2022
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