Mixed martial arts is a sport that prepares one to be mentally and physically strong. The fighters should be able to take the physical toll of punches and jabs to be received during the fight. Each fight that they play is crucial in making or breaking their name in the industry. Therefore, they have to give their best in each case possible. So eating a good meal with all essential nutrients is very important along with the right amount of training. No preparation is complete without any nutritional support and it should be a good quality nutrition. Some nutritionists help the fighters in adjusting their meal plan even before a fight happens.
One should keep their body replenished with a significant volume of fluids. Eating a high carb snack or meal can help the body cope up. An MMA fighter’s diet can never be complete without a protein supplement. Whilst normal people get high levels of protein in their diet, fighters often do high-intensity workouts that include endurance and strength exercises thus requiring them to add more protein into their system to support the growth of their muscles and help them recover easily.
The International Society of Sports Nutrition, in fact, recommend athletes to have as much as 0.7 to 0.9 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight every day. They are also required to have protein after an intensive workout. Most fighters get their protein from soy and nuts. MMA fighters also supplement their diet with fish oil. Fish oil helps them manage their cholesterol levels and fight any inflammation caused by high-intensity training.
Supportive: Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Tri Fibre and Multivitamin
Assists in improving the immune health, keep joints strong, reduces inflammation, oxidative stress and strengthens bones, heart, brain, digestion and eyes healthy.
₹ 900.00

Practicing indoors in rings , makes wrestlers/ fighters susceptible to deficiency of sunshine vitamin. Sufficient intake through active elemental form of supplements is the best way to combat injuries and fractures.

₹ 600.00

Reduces inflammation to speed up post-fight recovery time by reducing muscle stress.It is also great antioxidant and helps improve joint health.

₹ 1,100.00

Vitamins play many roles in the body including helping in the production of energy. These pills provide adequate vitamins and minerals to replenish back stores depleted during the intense training sessions.

₹ 900.00
Soluble fibre is primarily responsible for gut health, proper bowel functioning and overall good health.
Bed Time: MiCasein and Power Glutamine supports enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles.
₹ 1,800.00

MiCasein provides slow digesting pure micellar casein to fighters for overnight complete muscle recovery caused due to the stress during fight.

₹ 1,050.00

Supports in better muscle recovery and acts as an antioxidant.

Post: Power Protein and Incredible Whey are perfect proteins for MMA athletes, for maximising muscle recovery and reduce cramps.
₹ 3,600.00

It is a perfect protein for MMA athletes, for maximising muscle recovery and reduce cramps.

₹ 2,100+

Protein requirements of MMA athletes are more than the normal requirements. To combat muscle catabolism, right type of protein taken at the right time holds importance. Power protein provides a combination of slow and fast release proteins for instant and sustained supply of essential amino acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

₹ 2,700.00

Pre: Snergy keeps energy levels high during workout and prevent muscle cramps.

Power Active assists perfectly as a pre meal taken before a fight , helps in keeping energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost performance.

₹ 400.00

During: Snergy keeps energy levels high during workout and prevent muscle cramps.

Energy boosting nutrients are required at every move of fight during training, to keep the energy levels up and post-fight for restocking glycogen and electrolyte stores.

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