Manpreet Bumrah
Manpreet Bumrah

Steadfast Athlete Manpreet Bumrah is a fitness enthusiast from Delhi, working as a cabin crew for a leading aviation giant. She is actively into bodybuilding and recently competed at IHFF Sheru Classic Delhi (2019) winning a Silver in her category. She was once criticised for having a strong and muscular body, even called a man lacking feminine gestures. She continued to pursue her goal and inspire people through her body of work. 

She believes in a quantitative approach towards health counting macros is her life. Fitness for her is not only about lifting weights, but taking care of your nutrition needs. She tries her best to bring about a change in our society by empowering each woman whom she crosses paths. Her association with Steadfast Nutrition proves her trust for the brand and its power-packed quality products. 


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