Harshita Bisht
Harshita Bisht

Harshita Bisht Steadfast Athlete Harshita Bisht is a strong champion who attained glory with her determination to achieve. She started her beautiful journey back in August 2018 with working out to shape up her physique. Initially her work out was at home with just a pair of dumbbells from her friend then gradually joined a gym. It became her everlasting passion for finding her solace in working out that makes her happy and content. 

As she got stronger and competed at the national level, bagging a Gold in Senior National Powerlifting Championship, 2019. This gave her the boost of participating in bodybuilding as she could feel it in herself. She is a girl from Nainital who dreamt and worked hard for it. She says “I want people to be aware and embrace it as a sport which requires a lot of mental and physical hard work, discipline and commitment like any other sport. I want to work as an influencer, especially for the girls who want to step into this field and have talent but don’t know whom to consult. I would like to do my part in changing how society reacts to girls wearing a bikini or even going to a gym. Furthermore, the fitness industry in India is rising and I want to be a part of it.”
Steadfast Nutrition is backing each of her moves and providing her strength to perform Beyond Ordinary!


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