Being a cyclist, nutrition can be both confusing and demanding at the same time. Every often, during group rides, cyclists often hear of a range of nutritional plans and products that work. There are ways of getting nutrition, and the easiest way for most people has always been via products.
Nevertheless, it is important to understand each individual need as every one has a different bodily system.
A cyclist’s body needs its fuel and so, he or she needs to eat a healthy nutritious meal. There are various categories in cycling that demand high endurance aerobic capacity to perform well. An optimal balance in training, physique and nutrition is needed to experience the true riding comfort.
A cyclist’s performance during the race will be dependent on the regular intake of nutrition as it builds up the strength and stamina. The hydration levels should be maintained before, during and post race. Carborance and Snergy by Steadfast Nutrition is a boon for such situations.
Consumption of adequate protein to prevent muscle loss and carbs for fulfilling the increased energy needs is important. The need for consumption of calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid, etc., are important for a cyclist as well. You have to stay fit and active to lead a healthy life, hence eating right before a race is important.
The aim of a cyclist should be to develop a good metabolic rate, which implies intake of meals at proper times.Proper nutrition helps prevent injuries while cycling. As eating the right amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, an athlete will not develop fatigue-induced problems. Cyclists
Supportive: Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Collastead, Tri Fibre and Multivitamin
Vitamins For Cyclist
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In cyclists or mountain bikers, bone health can be surprisingly compromised due to 2 factors. Firstly, being a non weight bearing sport means lack of mechanical and bone stimulating skeletal loading. Secondly, cycling is a gravitational sport where being light weight confers a performance advantage in terms of power to weight ratio. It can lead to restrictive energy intake and low energy availability (LEA), which is related to low bone mineral density and vitamin D levels.Therefore, in-order to perform well, an athlete will have to maintain their vitamin D levels.

Best vitamins for cyclists
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Omega 3 supplementation plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular adaptive mechanisms and enhanced performance in cyclists. As increase in maximal oxygen uptake is related to maximum performance and reduced muscle oxidative stress.

Multivitamin For Cyclist
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The better you ride, the more the demand for nutrients by the body in adequate amounts. If you can't eat a variety of healthy vegetables and fruits , you must opt for a daily dietary supplement.

Steadfast Cycling Supplements
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Collagen is a flexible protein which aids maintaining joint and bone health. In mountain bikers and professional cyclists, high intensive physical exertion may lead to depletion of collagen. So, collastead has been formulated scientifically to help maintain cartilage synthesis, strengthen joints, improve mobility and flexibility with reduced pain.

Best Nutrition Supplements for Cyclist
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Fibre has positive implications as it helps minimise gut issues and prevents cholesterol formation as well. Moreover, it helps maintain weight in cyclers by providing better satiety feeling. As light weighted body is directly proportional to power required in riding.

Power Protein For Cyclist
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Post Ride: Power Protein being a blend of slow and fast releasing proteins, provides instant and sustained muscle recovery. Its high protein content repairs damaged muscles and recovers them smoothly.

Cyclists should focus on consuming good quality protein supplements to gain strength, repair damaged muscles and increase muscle protein synthesis rate after prolonged rides. Power protein is a blend of slow and fast releasing protein that assures muscle integrity and meets the increased protein requirements.

Power Active For Cyclist
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Pre Ride: Power Active assists perfectly as a pre meal in keeping the energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost performance.

A great pro-pre-drink for cyclers as it oxygenates and fuels the muscles for better endurance and improved riding performance. Active cyclists are at great risk of developing protein, energy and micronutrient deficiency which can greatly affect their riding efficiency. A right dose of nutrition before the event can aid in recovery with much needed energy and nutrient boost. One serve sachet packaging was practically designed keeping in mind the convenience to carry and use while on the go.

Diet Plan for Cyclist
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Bed Time: MiCasein provides slow digesting pure micellar casein for overnight muscle recovery and maintenance so as to make a cyclist ready for the next day.

Prolonged endurance rides demands overnight repair of muscles to maintain muscle mass. MiCasein provides a range of amino acids required to prevent muscle disintegration and maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane and replenishes the amino acid stores.

Snergy For Cyclist
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During: Snergy is a perfect instant energy drink for short rides to keep the energy levels high and maintain the electrolytic balance. Carborance is ideal for a 2 hour ride that help maintain energy levels by providing sustained carbohydrates to cyclists during rides.

Snergy is an ideal electrolyte rich hydration drink suitable for cyclists /mountain bikers. Its isotonic nature helps maintain electrolyte levels in bikers to prevent muscle cramping as they tend to lose electrolytes due to excessive sweating. It helps maintain the momentum of cycling, stroke volume, and also special ingredients aid reduce oxidative stress.

Carborance for Cycling
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It is imperative to make sure that a cyclists body has a constant supply of energy during the ride as mountain biking demands instant and sustained energy both. The unique blend of complex carbs that the carborance offers ,helps the riders to maintain energy levels to keep their legs pushing through the mountain climbs.

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