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Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports nutrition company introduced with an idea to cater high quality supplements to athletes and sportspersons. A sister company of Steadfast MediShield which has served patients with kidney ailments for 9 years, we aim to revolutionise sports nutrition in India for our sports enthusiasts. We are committed to introduce an exclusive range of high quality supplements and follow a unique vision to serve people of all age groups to naturally maximise strength and a positive mind.

Aman Puri, Steadfast Nutrition Director and a pro-cyclist himself who also founded one of Asia’s biggest cycling communities, ‘Noida Cycling Club’ to promote and motivate people to take up the sport, is well acquainted with the necessity of supplements for sportspersons. Boasting an ocean of knowledge in the field with experiences and continuous research at such a young age, he believes it has been an epoch that athletes are adding high quality supplements to their diet that assure being free from side effects. Like the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, we at Steadfast Nutrition have made it our foremost objective to supply supplements to our athletes for enhanced performance and results.

With the increasing number of athletes and their rigorous training hours, consuming the right nutrients in sufficient amounts prove necessary. Steadfast Nutrition will, therefore, serve you with supplements that are customised beforehand for perfection. We respect the dedication you show to prepare yourself for what you are and therefore assure you of the highest quality supplements that will not only enhance performance but also show immediate results. Our products that come in single serving sachets to maintain quality, go under several tests to bring forward the promised results for consumption by both beginners and highly trained professionals. They come in balanced composition and are all Made in India and FSSAI Certified.

As you give us the opportunity to take you to a healthy and safe sports nutrition journey with our exclusive range, we guarantee you with hassle-free and quick results. We aim to guide and serve our customers with quality and variety to offer unbeatable results for a lifetime.

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