Bodybuilding demands a certain kind of physique. The importance of athletes is defined by their muscle mass, symmetry, and leans and vascular body. Training for competition needs proper planning and discipline and often takes place in phases over months to a year. A proper nutrition plan is essential for optimising training and physique during all the preparatory phases.
It is important to maintain optimal health throughout the training and competitive phase. The strategies of nutrition have to be individualised into each phase of preparation. The main phases of preparation are undertaken within the competitive bodybuilding year.
Large parts of the year are spent in bulking the body, as the basic goal of training and nutrition is to gain muscles. Bulking is often followed by refining, where the shortfalls can be addressed and the leads to cutting, which is gradually commenced.
Before the competition, an athlete aims to improve their musculature appearance and enable the blood vessels, and muscle striations to stand out.
Diet for Bodybuilding
Gaining muscle mass needs work, just like any change in the composition of the body. A well-designed training program, combined with an energy-rich diet is the formula for muscle gain during the bulking phase. Muscle gain is influenced by factors like genetics, training history, age, gender, and sleep. 250-500 grams per week gains are possible for most athletes with the right nutrition and training.
Nutrition supplies the needed fuels to support the training demands and offer substrates to maximise muscle growth and repair. Carbohydrate is the main source for a moderate to high-intensity exercise. If the body lacks carbohydrates, it will comprise the quality of training and can impact the hormones, important for muscle growth. Carbohydrates should be implemented as a part of the diet.
Eating before competition
When training for the competition, competitors enter the cutting phases, where the body attempts to lose fat to improve the appearance of musculature and vasculature. The process of cutting is obtained from creating a negative state of energy through an increase in aerobic training and a gradual decrease in energy intake.
The relative protein content should be increased in the diet. The cutting period lasts for at least 3-4 months, a tremendous increase in aerobic training and reduction in energy intake could have a severe impact on muscle size. A comprise has to be made between decreasing body fat and balancing muscle mass and training performance.
Supportive: Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Collastead, Tri Fibre and Multivitamin
Assists in improving bodybuilders’ immunity, keeps their tendons and ligaments strong hence reducing the risk of sprain and strain; reduces inflammation, oxidative stress and keeps joints, bones, heart, brain, digestion and eyes healthy.
Vitamin d3 for bodybuilding
₹ 900.00

It helps in increasing the overall strength required in powerlifting, as a strong stimulator of calcium deposition in bones, making them stronger and healthier.

Fish oil for bodybuilding
₹ 600.00

Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent oxidative stress which may be induced due to heavy weight lifting.

Multivitamin for bodybuilders
₹ 1,100.00
Collagen supplements for bodybuilders
₹ 2,100.00
Collagen is especially found in skin, bones, muscles, tendons and connective tissues. So repair and synthesis of collagen are of utmost importance in bodybuilders to recover and avoid injuries and lift better.
Tri Fibre for bodbuilding
₹ 900.00

Fibre holds great importance in a strength athlete’s diet as it is primarily responsible for gut health and proper bowel functioning. Also, lack of fibre can make an athlete constipated and sluggish, inactive as it weakens the digestive system, which may affect their performance. Moreover, it improves mineral absorption which enhances overall health.

Post: Incredible Whey is ideal for bodybuilders looking for a high and fast absorbing protein supplement for post workout muscle recovery. Power Massive provides a perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein for mass gaining and building muscles. Convenient way for bodybuilders and hard gainers to bulk up.

Body Building Whey Protein
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Fulfilling protein requirements can help improve the physical appearance of strength athletes. Also, help them recover from muscle injury as the compromised percentage of muscle mass makes you more prone to injury and more muscle fatigue. So this incredible protein can help combat these negative attributes and improve overall muscular appearance and performance.

Power Massive for bodybuilding
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It is a great product which can help build muscles faster and aids in “gaining weight” phase of bodybuilders, as it massively offers protein combined with carbohydrates to stimulate protein synthesis, and fast formation of muscle mass.

Bed Time: MiCasein and Power Glutamine supports enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles.
Best Recovery Protein Supplements
₹ 1,800.00

It supports enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles.

Power Glutamine for bodybuilding
₹ 1,050.00

It supports enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles.

Steadfast Power Protein for bodybuilding
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It is an ideal post recovery protein to be taken after weight lifting as its a great way to nourish your body, and restore muscle wear, and tear along with added benefits of minerals and vitamins.

Power Active for bodybuilding
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Pre: Power Active assists perfectly as a pre-meal in keeping the energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, the presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost performance.

Snergy for bodybuilding
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During: Snergy being a source of instant energy prevents dropping of energy levels while working out. It helps maximise performance and prevents muscle cramps.

Snergy being a source of instant energy prevents dipping of energy levels during gymming. It helps maximise performance and prevents muscle cramps.

Bodybuilding In India
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It a combination of both slow and fast release protein required to sustain prolonged work out sessions of bodybuilding.

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