Archana Chauhan

Archana Chauhan
Archana Chauhan

Steadfast Athlete Archana Chauhan is a bright athlete who gives all her sweat and blood to the game of Powerlifting. Her sharp physique is the result of her daily hard work that she puts in to win at her championships. Archana also possesses an artistic streak as a portrait artist that she loves to draw and bring them to life. 

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  • IHFF 2022 winner gold under 56 category - Deadlift and strongman.
  • Jerrai Strong Man Championship-2022 - Silver Medal

    • Gold Medallist - World Champion in Powerlifting (under 52 kg), Ukraine
      • Single lift 142.5 kg
      • Benchpress 52.5 kg

    • Gold in Raw Nationals at Bangalore
      • Participated at State Powerlifting Championship at Bhiwani, 2019
      • Participated at North India Deadlift Championship, 2019
      • Gold in junior-senior category lift-145kg North India Deadlift Championship, 2018

    • 3 Gold medals at 28th National Strength-Lifting Championship, 2019
      • Bicep curl :32.5+35= 67.5 kg
      • Incline bench: 50+52.5 =102.5 Kg
      • Hecklift : 145+155 kg = 300kg

    • 7th international strength-lifting championship
    • Record break lift 140 kg heck-lift
    • Hecklift-130+137.5kg= 267.5kg
    • Incline benchpress-50+52.5kg=102.5kg
    • Double hand bicep curling-27.5+30kg=57.5kg
    • Total-427.5kg
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