Steadfast Athlete Ishu Thakur’s Must Haves: Incredible Isolate, CollaStead, Active BCAA

Steadfast Athlete Ishu Thakur’s Must Haves: Incredible Isolate, CollaStead, Active BCAA

Ishu Thakur is a fitness enthusiast, social media influencer, and professional men’s physique athlete. He is a Sheru Classic gold medallist and an Amateur Olympia silver medallist who made his passion for fitness into a profession.  Ishu believes in hard and smart work and says he fights to achieve his goals everyday.

Ishu, born in Samastipur, Bihar, completed his Bachelors of Engineering from ABES collage Ghaziabad in 2019. He started his sporting career in 2017, winning Mr Uttar Pradesh and followed it up with a gold at the Sheru Classic and a silver at the Amateur Olympia the subsequent year.

The turning point in his life was 2018 when he won the Sheru Classic Male Model Hunt competition. Ishu decided to take up bodybuilding professionally. Ishu spoke about his preparation for the championship, revealing that he had prepared day and night. He did not have access to supplements and practiced in akhadas.

“I prepared myself day and night for every show with hard work and discipline In my initial days, I didn’t have protein and supplement to support my daily nutrition needs, so I ate gram, sprouts and peanut by seeing others for my nutrition and going to local akhada-type areas for my workout. I did very well in the 2019 Amateur Olympia. I was pleased by my performance. Now I am happy Steadfast is there to fulfil my daily nutrition needs,” said Ishu who recently started his own cafe and restaurant and also provides online fitness training.

Ishu, who has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2022, likes how the brand pampers its athletes. He is proud to be a Steadfast Athlete. His favourite supplement by Steadfast Nutrition is the protein supplement Incredible Isolate. He likes the protein powders because they are “packed with protein, have zero sugar, taste good, and blend easily.”

Ishu likes the collagen peptide CollaStead because it has shown a “tremendous change” in his body.” He finds the flavour refreshing and says the supplement keeps his skin and joints healthy.  He likes the amino acids Playstead because it helps him increase his stamina, promotes fat burning, and eliminates toxins.

Another favourite is the amino acids Active BCAA, which promotes lean muscle mass and reduces fatigue.

“Steadfast Nutrition Products are very helpful in my fitness journey,” says Ishu.

Ishu, who likes travelling, partying and exploring the world, aims to be on the Olympia stage in the next two years and wants to start a chain of cafes in the near future.

“My future goals are divided into two parts- my passion bodybuilding and profession as an entrepreneur. Right now, my priority is to give my best and see my self on the Olympia stage in next 2-3 years- first after getting the pro card and then after qualifying for the pro show. I am sure about my goal. I want to grow my cafe chains and start my own gym in near future. I have another dream- I want to live as a farmer  and to do farming some day,” says Ishu.

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