She Battled Body Shaming in School and is now an Ace Powerlifting Athlete: Read Steadfast Athlete Tanvi Danke’s Gritty Story

She Battled Body Shaming in School and is now an Ace Powerlifting Athlete: Read Steadfast Athlete Tanvi Danke’s Gritty Story

Steadfast Athlete, coach and sports nutritionist Tanvi Danke has battled bullying and body shaming to emerge as an ace powerlifting athlete. The 23 year-old has won a silver at the Powerlifting Junior National championship 2019, Silver at the Powerlifting Junior State championship 2019, Silver at the Powerlifting Junior District championships in 2018, 2019, and gold at the Powerlifting Sub-Junior District championship 2017.

Determined to beat the odds when she was fat-shamed, Tanvi opted to join a gym and began weight training. She completed a fitness course at the young age of 17. Her gym and fitness coach motived her to compete in a weightlifting competition, which she did simultaneously with her honours in BA (Psychology). She won her first gold medal at 17 in a district level competition.

The following year, Tanvi got an offer from a gym to join as a personal trainer. She worked there for eight months and left to focus on a powerlifting competition, continuing to train a few clients for practice. Recently, she completed her Master’s in Psychology. Choosing fitness training over a career in psychology, Tanvi is a full-fledged personal trainer and has coached numerous people.

Tanvi has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition for about four years, witnessing the brand emerging successful through the ups and downs of the fitness industry, especially during the lockdown. She is all praise for Steadfast Nutrition for keeping up their top notch service and looking after their athletes and consumers. Tanvi says Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements have helped boost her performance and helped in her recovery, enabling better performance the next time. She especially likes the single-serving sachet dosage since it lets her take supplements on the go.

Tanvi’s favourites for muscle recovery are: Incredible Whey, Power Protein, Incredible Isolate, Power Glutamine, and Fish Oil. There’s high praise for Incredible Whey and Power Protein for their high protein content and delicious flavours.

“Steadfast Nutrition’s products are convenient to carry and consume. The supplements come in amazing and delicious flavours. My favourite is Incredible Whey (Coffee), which is undoubtedly the best tasting whey protein I have ever consumed, and this is no exaggeration. The texture, taste and quality are so good that it is something she look forward to everyday. Power Protein tastes like a chocolate milkshake but with the goodness of premium quality, rich protein. What more do you want? I consume it whenever I crave chocolate. Power Protein is a blend of slow and fast release protein, which gives you a double benefit of replenishment and recovery over several hours. One serving contains about 29g of protein, which is way higher than any other. That makes it truly value for money and a great addition to hit your macros,” says Tanvi.

“The sachet packaging makes it easier for me to stick to my protein requirements on-the-go. I have seen big gains in strength and muscle ever since I’ve been able to consume this yummy supplement so consistently.”

Her favourite wellness products are Steadfast Nutrition’s Curcumin, Milk Thistle, Vitamin D3, and Multivitamin.

Tanvi likes painting and dancing in her spare time. She plans to pursue another course in fitness, but this time her motive is to learn and not to earn.

In 2023, Tanvi aims to compete in a championship. Steadfast wishes this plucky athlete all the best in her future endeavours.

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