Protein as we know is the integral force behind muscle synthesis and repair or maintain. Whey and casein protein are both derivatives of milk. Whey protein powder because of its humongous benefits has become extremely popular due to its high digestibility and well-researched muscle-supporting benefits. The milk gets separated into Whey and Casein; whey protein is the water-soluble part of milk. 

The high-quality protein Whey isolate is easy to absorb making it less tedious to achieve the daily protein target. These qualities of whey isolate have made it one of the most highly researched and tested protein supplements.

It is proven to improve satiety keeping you feel full throughout the day, promote weight loss, and maximise muscle growth. Whey protein on its own doesn’t have much taste, but when fused with natural flavouring agents like vanilla, chocolate, or even fruit, it proves to be a great addition to any smoothie, or pre/post-workout shake. 

Did you Know? Many old cheese producing companies would throw away the whey considering it to be waste. 

Whey isolate has a higher protein content than whey protein concentrate. It turns out to be a better choice for a lactose intolerant person with the lower total carbohydrate content, and also has lower lactose content. 

Keeping the best for our consumers in mind we created Incredible Isolate that delivers the best for our athletes. Incredible Isolate is a chocolate flavoured pure whey protein isolate. This low carbs and fat formulation contain superior quality whey isolate along with taurine and digestive enzyme, for instant muscle recovery of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The fast releasing whey protein isolate can be consumed after an intense exercise session, amino acids present in whey are quickly released into the body and rapidly absorbed by our muscles. This intake of amino prevents muscles from further getting damaged and stimulates new muscle synthesis. Incredible Isolate is an excellent way of replenishing lost stores and providing necessary nutrients to the body for recovery while letting it regain the inner strength.

The taurine in Incredible Isolate takes care of the free radicals produced in the body with the consumption of oxygen while exercising. Taurine is a powerful antioxidant, stabilises and converts certain cytotoxic substances into stable ones. It scavenges these free radicals and minimises oxidative stress.

It is a perfect formula for building those much-praised lean muscles as it is low in carbs and calories, with no added sugar makes it ideal to get a ripped and chiselled body. Incredible Isolate is an ideal way to get rid of unwanted fat off the body while preserving lean muscles and promoting muscle growth and immunity.

We have curated the best for you as we are- For Athletes, By Athletes!

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