Runners need to maintain an adequate diet for their health and their performance. They have specific nutrition needs which may vary during their pre and post-training period. One of the common issues which runners usually face is muscle cramps and abdominal disturbances. Inadequate fluid intake and wrong food choices might result in undesirable consequences thereby affecting performance. When a runner begins the race, he or she shouldn't feel stuffed or starved.

A pre-run meal should optimally provide all the required nutrients and at the same time should not leave them feeling hungry, lethargic or weak. To provide a balanced proportion of nutrients, Power Active is an ideal nutritional supplement to have before a run. Runners need an adequate intake of carbohydrates and proteins.

 Power Active being a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates ensures supply of both instant and sustained energy for a prolonged period. It increases endurance and delays fatigue. It is perfect for runners. When protein is consumed before a run, it reduces muscle damage and increases the process of recovery. Be it a beginner or an elite runner, Power Active fulfils everyone's demands.

Power active

Additionally, vitamins and minerals are equally essential to maintain immunity and prevent any deficiency disorders. During the training period, runners are advised to meet their daily intake of micronutrients as well. Runners are usually exposed to several weather conditions and a weak immune system could hamper their performance during training. They also tend to lose electrolytes and fluids through sweat and if not replaced, it could result in the early onset of fatigue, muscle soreness, and cramps. Power Active delivers those essential vitamins and minerals that contributes in enhancing the runner's endurance and performance.

Presence of minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium takes care of the body's electrolytic balance, heart, bones, and joints. Vitamins play a significant role in energy metabolism, hence they are crucial for effective utilisation and absorption of food consumed. As the quality and quantity of food and supplements matter, a runner should focus on both at every stage to avoid hitting the wall. Power Active is easily digestible and doesn’t cause the stomach any harm. As weight is one of the biggest issues in a runner's life, they aim at maintaining the desired body fat percentage, to avoid hindering their stamina and aerobic capacity. Power active, unlike the supplements, contains  L-carnitine. This amino acid has the potential to utilise the body fat to derive energy, hence, burns the excessive fat found in the body. While running, large amounts of lactic acids are produced and fatigue sets in.

L-carnitine magnifies the runner's performance by reducing the production of lactic acid. Running, being an endurance sport requires large consumptions of carbohydrates as compared to other nutrients like proteins and fats. It is important that the body utilise all the carbs effectively. Taurine, one of the ingredients present in Power Active, improves insulin sensitivity and reduces resistance. Besides, several radicals are produced in response to the oxygen consumed during running. Taurine being a powerful anti-oxidant scavenges these free radicals, reduces oxidative damage and stress. Some of the other benefits of taurine that could prove beneficial for runners are improving the runner's aerobic performance, increasing muscle force, improving lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and favouring glycogen re-synthesis.

With such an impressive nutritional profile and benefiting ingredients, Power Active is an ideal pre-run and post-run drink for recovery.  It’s a perfect blend of carbs which helps restock lost glycogen stores and whey protein that provides immediate muscle recovery. Consuming Power Active an hour before the race assists runners by assuring an ongoing supply of fuel to boost performance, keeps stress hormone — cortisol down and favourable hormones up. Power Active is a convenient and delicious chocolaty supplement taken to stay active before, throughout and after the run.


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